"The Hostage Heart"

We're very proud to finally post "The Hostage Heart" by April Valentine. Originally published in the zine, "It's Love, Cap'n" in 1991, this long, angsty story was a challenge to digitize. Special thanks to CPeterson for her diligent, careful copyediting of this classic zine fic. And very special thanks to April Valentine for allowing us to post it to the Archive. I have to thank Keri T, also, for helping to keep me focused on pending Archive tasks.

And for fans close to Ocean City, MD, Paul Michael Glaser will be appearing at the Endless Summer Cruisin' Car Show, Fri-Sun, October 7-8-9 to promote his new book. Check out the event here:

--Flamingo on 10/05/2011 11:01 pm (2 Comments)

i just read hostage heart and i was very impressed indeed. thanks to everyone for making this story happen here in this wonderful archive. :)

- youtooblondie on 10/12/2011 06:04 pm

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