Friends by Nicol Tyler

Reflections on Starsky & Hutch's friendship.

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1. Friends by Nicol Tyler

Friends by Nicol Tyler

by Nicol Tyler


They reflect who your are in this life you walk

They see where you are, where you have been , and where you are going

They each have a role to play out in this path you have to walk out

They are there to hold you up, when you want to be down

make you smile, when you want to frown

Laugh and cry, when you need them too

even when you don't.

They know their place and try to keep up with the pace

They are coming in,when the whole world is leaving.

They know when to say hello when the world says good bye

They remember you when the world has forgotten

and remind the world who you are.

They all know their parts each sharing a piece of your heart.

They know your faults, and stay around

They have heard your plans and keep you challenged

they have seen your vision and ask to help

They all know their parts

and know that you are

a part of their heart

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