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  Our story opens as the ruggedly handsome David Starsky, following a hearty breakfast of cold pizza and root beer, arrives at Venice Place to pick up his partner, Ken Hutchinson (aka: the blond). 

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Story Notes:

---- this story does not only belong to me but a author no longer with us named "Hunter King".  We struck up a friendship that I will forever miss.   She always said I was her muse, but in reality she had the ideas all I did was type them out for her.-----  

--- The following story is a parody of S&H fanfiction, particular the ongoing themes and subjects they often contain.  Like I said it is a complete parody, farce, a case of irony, written in jest and meant as a complete joke not to be taken at all seriously.  If you can not handle it then read no further.  

--- As  a parody all grammar errors, mistakes, misspelling, continuity errors and anything else you can think of or find were done intentionally.   and was beta'd to make sure the mistakes remain.  

So sit back and enjoy the ride.

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