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A pwp with whip cream!

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Story Notes:

This pwp was written in early 2000 by three friends. Two of the friends had written for other fandoms. One had never written for any fandom.

They added and subtracted and laughed and passed the story back and forth, adding and subtracting more, and basically had more fun writing than the law should allow. When they were done they picked the bravest of the three to send the story to Flamingo to see if she'd put it on her archive.

Then they waited. There was nail-biting involved with the wait, particularly from one of the friends.

Then the wait was over, because patience and Flamingo are good! Flamingo took the story and sent the sweetest note to the friends, who then were quite sure they'd won the lottery. That was a happy day.

Over the years, two of the friends drifted away from the fandom, and one drifted away from the friends. Two of the friends are still friends today. One of the friends is still hopelessly devoted to the fandom.


1. Affirmation by Zebra Three [Reviews - 0] (7103 words)