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"No Hope For Butch" was an impromptu performance of the world-famous repertory theatre group known as "Ba-a-a-a-d SH Theatre," which has been holding performances at SHareCons since bad SH stories have been written. In other words, a very long time. The performance was held at SHareCon 2000 before an appreciative audience, which was positively struck dumb by its wit and charm. And weirdness. The "script" was written in a feverish burst of creativity right at the con. Which shows. During the performance the "story" was read by the Narrator (which was good since no one had any time for rehearsals) in an extremely dramatic and hilarious manner, and acted out by SHareCon members who had no lines, no props (except for Det. Sally Jo's "headlights"), and no shame. They did, however, have wigs, which didn't fit, and appropriate looking leather jackets made of plastic. And, of course, raw talent and more brass than a statue in the park.

The play performated at SHareCon 2000 and published in the SHareCon 2002 Zine.


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1. No Hope for Butch by Elizabeth Lowry [Reviews - 0] (1211 words)